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Flower Profile – Lisianthus


Lisianthus is a flower much beloved by many brides and flower affecianados. It is botanically known as Eustoma, an annual flower which can be grown most everywhere outdoors in the summer. For cut flower production it is primarly green house grown in Holland, Mexico, California and locally in New Jersey.

This flower comes in two types, single and double. The single contains six petals, six yellow staymen and usually a black center. The double varieties have a complex petal structure and are commonly mistaken for roses to which they bear a close resemblance. Lisianthus comes in many colors including white, green tinted, cream, purple, varying shades of lavender, varying shades of pink and more uncomonnly a variegated white with either pink or purple tips know as picotee.

Lisianthus’s durability defys its dainty, papery appearance. Cut flowers stand up extremely well to heat without wilting making it ideal for wedding bouquets, corsages or even boutonnieres when the weather is warm. The ruffled petals make it a good all around choice, but especially for romatic or vintage looking bouquets.

Depending on the season, it ranges from being comparably priced to a full size standard roses to slightly more expensive.

We love this flower and considered it an indispensable part of our flower repetoire.

Here are pics of lisianthus being used in bouquets and centerpieces:

Double lavender lisianthus in a bouquet with lavender roses, stock and green hydrangea. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

A bridesmaid’s bouquet designed using all double pink lisianthus. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

Double cream lisianthus in a bridal bouquet. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

A bridal bouquet with double purple lisianthus, doulbe lavender lisianthus, white larkspur and white double peonies ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

Double “green” lisianthus (contains a hint of green) in a bridal bouquet. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

Double purple lisianthus in an arrangement with blue hydrangea, lavender stock and lavender roses. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

White double lisianthus in bridal bouquet. ©Kent Evan Thomas-Hummingbird Lane, Inc.

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