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Availability: Extremely Seasonal
Best Availability: Mar-Apr
Colors: Hot Pink (white, but not commercially)
Stem Length: to 30 inches
Arrangements, Bouquets
Relative Value(1-10):  5

Boronia is a shrub which grows to about 5 feet tall. It is native to a small area in western Australia, but is now cultivated in California. During the early spring its long gently arching branches are covered in bright pink bells which open into flowers which could be described as four pointed stars.

This flower has a very limited availability, lasting approximately six weeks. It has highly fragrant with a very pleasant and powerful scent. Unlike other flowers the scent is not emitted by the flowers, but by the foliage. Small needle like leaves project from the stem, emitting the fragrance which is intensified when the leaves are rubbed. Due to its strong fragrance this flower may not be suitable for centerpieces at an event but is stunning when used in ceremony arrangements or in a vase around the house.

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