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Cheshire Tree Floral Designs is always looking to provide more information to our clients so they can make the most informed decisions possible. Unlike many others in the industry, we do not simply bombard you with images of our designs in flash galleries which whiz by much too quickly. We believe in an intelligent mix of designs, images, factual information and commentary.

Towards that pursuit, we have developed this blog area with a mixture of topics and information. Please be patient while we populate this section to provide a robust repository of information which will be useful to you. Please check back often as we add information or sign up for our RSSĀ  or other feeds.

Information about and images of designs for weddings and parties is available through the photo windows at the top of the page and the link to our Galleries Page on the right sidebar. More information is available through the links on the sidebars. If you were a user of the previous version of the website and you feel more comfortable using that content, please select “Cheshire Tree-Legacy Website” to the right.

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