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What flowers can be used for boutonnieres?


Boutonniere with a white rose and ivy leavesGentleman’s boutonnieres¬† can be fashioned from a variety of different flowers and materials. One thing to remember about boutonnieres is that they must be durable.

Boutonnieres must endure the entire ceremony and reception without a water source and must not crush when the gentleman is being hugged. This requires a durable flower(s). The classic flower used for boutonnieres is the rose. Closed roses are the best choice as they will not wilt and are far more resistant to pressure. Calla lilies and some types of orchids among other flowers are sturdy, thus work well for boutonnieres.

Other elements are commonly added to create more visual interest such as leaves, grasses, accent flowers, wire, etc. Ribbon can be used to cover the stem, but bows are seldom used as they are considered too feminine.

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