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How much should my bouquet cost?


Bridal bouquet prices vary widely. The average price for a bridal bouquet is in the $85-130 range, but can cost much more or somewhat less. As with any floral design, there are so many different combinations of flowers and sizes that it is hard determine an accurate price without knowing the exact makeup of the bouquet.

From a floral perspective, the bridal bouquet is the focus of the day. It will appear in pictures of the bride, bride and groom, bride and family, walking down the aisle, during the ceremony and entering the reception in addition to many candids. With all of that exposure, the bridal bouquet is not the place to try to cut costs. Even if you need to change around other aspects of the flowers, make sure the bouquet is exactly what you want. The pictures of you with your bouquet will be something you will cherish far into the future.

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