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Myth Busters-Seasonal Flowers


Almost every wedding website you will visit will have an article(s) about seasonal flowers and how using them can save you money. It is unfortunate, but these articles seldom agree and what’s more, they are seldom correct. Let’s bust that myth regarding seasonal flowers.

Most articles you see will tell you to use flowers when they are in season because they are a good value. We must ask … a good value as compared to what?? It is true that the same type of flower – let’s take peonies – will be less expensive when it is blooming naturally in your geographic area. That means that a peony in June in the New York area will most probably be less expensive than one imported from the southern hemisphere in December. But does that make the locally grown peony a good value? Well, we ask again good value as compared to what?

At this point let’s introduce the term relative value. Aren’t we all continually reassessing the value of many things in our lives. When buying a car one will also consider gas mileage, insurance and durability to determine the relative value of one car over another.¬† In the grocery store we analyze items using those stickers on the store shelves, weighing the unit price of competing items. Similar criteria can be applied to flowers. The relative value of a flower¬† is simply – how much space does it occupy in relation to its cost.

So is that peony in June a good value? Well, it’s not that simple! The peony is a good value when compared to a rose. The peony might be three times the size of the rose, yet only 60% more in price. But, when compared to mums, carnations or alstromeria, which are not seasonal flowers, it may not be.

As with the car analogy above, with flowers there would be another important criteria, styling. Sure, a Ford Fiesta might be a good relative value compared to many other cars, but if you are more of a Corvette person, you might not want to be caught dead in a Fiesta. There are just certain flowers that some people do not like either because of the way they look or because they are too common. If this is the case for you, do not use those flowers. You will not be happy with the results.

What is the point of all of this? Let’s try not to speak in generalization about seasonal flowers and their value, there is much too much incorrect information being bandied about. Let’s begin to consider relative value defined as how much bang for the buck you will get when using a specific flower at a specific time.

When considering which flowers to use, do not be blinded by all of the seasonal flower rhetoric. Make informed decisions by considering the relative value of the flower, but more importantly, which flowers you like and will be truly happy using in you floral designs.

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